Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Path: A Time to Choose Your Destiny

I had a beautiful walk along a beautiful trail.  While walking, I thought of the concept of …the path. Many times in life and in business we meet a juncture where we have to choose our path.  Sometimes the path is before us, but it is not of our own making, the pressures of life, job, relationships, and responsibilities force us along.  Other times, we are afraid to venture onto a path of our own making, one that burns within our soul for fruition….it screams, take me, take me; yet, we ignore it.  The caveat is that the paths we take literally determine our destiny. Choose wisely and live a life of no regrets.  Each path has its own twists and turns, its own lessons.  Learn them, lead a life fully engaged and you will not have to repeat them.   

In future posts I will be speaking some more on how to live life to the fullest  and continuing to offer career, business, or personal advice.  

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