Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Feeling of Malaise: A Mompreneur's Thoughts

Mompreneur's Feeling of Malaise

Turn to Nature to Bring Back Your Happy Mood
Nature Can Help Improve One's Mood
Today was one of those days when I did absolutely nothing. Why? I felt as though I had no direction.

It all came to a head this week while driving home from flute practice with one of my daughters. I asked her how was practice; she smiled. I then said, "what is so funny?" Her response was "Mom you ask too many questions."

I get it. This may be typical of teenagers. As parents we may want to probe but they want to ruminate on their thoughts and not necessarily share everything. I was literally shocked into silence. I did not expect such a response. But the most shocking ramifications of such a response was my internal reflection and quest to discover who I am outside of my kids and outside of my entrepreneurial pursuits.

My identity as a Mompreneur has always been wrapped up in these two roles: I am a Mom, I am an entrepreneur. That's just who I am and for 24 years I have totally embraced all the demands and responsibilities that come with them. However, as kids become more independent and as a business becomes more successful, these roles become less dominant in my day to day activities. My feeling of malaise comes from the realization that I haven't yet figured out what makes me tick outside of these parts of my identity.

The same child apologized a day or so later, after she realized that her response was hurtful to me. But I explained to her that apologies weren't necessary because I understand that sometimes she just needs to think before sharing. I also thanked her for shocking me into self reflection.

So how did I deal with my feeling of malaise. Here are some things that I have decided to do:

  1. Spend time focusing on me by doing things that make me happy: reading, going to the movies,  chatting with friends, cooking, decorating, etc.
  2. Spend time alone and or in nature by taking long walks.
  3. Focus on what my lifelong purpose is supposed to be by trying different things and rediscovering my passions.
  4. Continuously set goals and plan based on this purpose.
  5. Enjoy time with my husband because when the kids are all grown; he will still be there.
My day of no direction was in actuality quite helpful as it allowed me to reflect and to pull myself out of the negative emotions that were beginning to overwhelm me. Life as a Mompreneur isn't easy but life in itself is a challenge and we have to continuously evolve as life presents different scenarios for us to interpret.

What do you do when you are feeling down? Are you a Mompreneur of teenagers? Share your thoughts below. Life is Still Good:)

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