Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Healthy Snack Idea

Mompreneur's World

Mompreneur's World
Have you ever been working all day long and before you know it, it's mid afternoon and the only thing you've eaten for the day was breakfast?

If you are a busy Mompreneur, as I am, I can attest that this happens more times than it should. And yes, it happened today.

My solution was to grab a quick healthy snack. There were two Stonyfield Organic strawberry yogurts left in the refrigerator. So I added, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and coconut flakes. Did I say it was yummy! It was so, so, yummy.

We grab snacks all the time for our little ones and at times we forget that kids snacks can be our snacks too; all we have to do is add whatever our adult palate desires. For me, I wanted some crunch. But at the same time, I wanted to add the healthy fats from coconut flakes.

Sometimes, we forget to pamper ourselves or to just simply take care of ourselves. We can set alarm reminders and or we can have an app that remind us to drink water, stand up from the desk, go for a quick walk, etc. etc. However, apps themselves can be so cold, so boring. If a friend or spouse, or even a colleague says let's share this healthy snack, or let's go for a quick walk, we might enjoy it better. More importantly, we may be more inclined to remember to take care of ourselves because we know others care.

Whether you are doing it for others, yourself, or because an app reminds you, take good care of yourself. Eat healthy meals, healthy snacks and let us continue to learn, grow, and share:) Life is Good!

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