Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Remembering to Eat Lunch and the Christmas Spirit

Mompreneur's World

Today was a rather stressful day at work. I am a work at home Mom, a Mompreneur, an entrepreneur who is also a Mom. Ours is a family business. So my husband and I have built this business from the ground up. We have been in business for 20+ years but the length of time doesn't make it any easier.
Our kids have grown up with this business and the stresses are real for them and for us. As I sat at my desk, I pondered on what I can do to remain focused and positive. For me, at least for today, it was the simple pleasures of lunch and thinking of Christmas.

I ate my simple lunch of a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with a cup of hot cocoa in my beautiful Christmas mug and I was happy. In that moment, I realized that all we need is good food, good rest, and the love of friends and family.

Mompreneur's World

Christmas is coming and I am excited. I am not excited about shopping etc. Instead my excitement comes from knowing that all of my loved ones will be together and that we can celebrate our love for each other and we can celebrate our Faith.

God is good and he is ever present in our lives. Imagine lunch and the thought of Christmas brightened my mood today. What simple pleasures are helping you through the day? Share below as we live, learn, and grow together. Life is Good😀