Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Mindset, New Focus

It's been such a long while since I've written anything on this blog. At one point I considered deleting it because my mindset has changed so much. I've always felt a sense of pride about being a Mompreneur, the proverbial Superwoman. It all came crashing down. I realized that I have consistently been overworked and stressed. I can't do it all. Something is going to give, either time with the kids, time with my hubby, the quality of my work, or time spent taking care of myself.

My new mindset is more traditional. I believe that men are made to work and women are made to nurture. This is not what is accepted in this modern era but it is what makes me feel most at peace in my family life.

Am I still a Mompreneur? Yes. But I am one who realizes that I am happiest around the home, nurturing and caring for myself and my family.

For this reason, this blog will change tremendously and it will focus more on my home life with a little bit of entrepreneurial advice here and there.

Despite this, we can still learn and grow together.