Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dinner Salad for April 1st, 2015

Making dinner and I just finished this salad for my family. I think it is so pretty and colorful. 
Baby Spring Mix
Red onions 

Simple. Beautiful. Healthy.

My Disorganized Day: 5 Things I have learned

Today was one of those days where I lacked focus. There was no to do list and I randomly went from one task to the next. I was doing a lot but not feeling as though I was getting anything done. I had several unanticipated calls  and it seems like eons before I hung up the phone. I went into my email account for one thing and ended up spending time responding to e-requests rather than doing what I had gone in there to do. As things popped into my mind, I went off on whatever tangent came my way.  It happens to the best of us. Here is what I learned.
  1. Begin each day with a list; it is perhaps most ideal if the list was written the night before. 
  2. Not only should you have a list but the list should be time based with the most important activities or task scheduled first.
  3. Schedule email time and if you have to go into your email to send something in particular or to retrieve files, then focus on that objective and then get out. I have decided to schedule my emails for midday and late afternoon. By so doing, I would have completed my daily objectives first thing in the morning before following up with other peoples agenda. When I check late afternoons, it will help me to create objectives for the next day and respond to the emails that came in during the day.
  4. Let all unknown and unscheduled phone calls go to voice mail. If I am expecting a call at a particular time, I will answer but if someone random calls who I am not familiar with, then voice mail will pick up.  By so doing, I won't be caught off guard as I can listen to what they want and respond based on my own agenda.
  5. Schedule creative, content generating time. Many tasks are administrative in nature and do not help you to earn money. So it is important that you schedule uninterrupted time for the most important money making, content generating tasks.
We all have those off days. Today was one for me. I will re-group, re-focus and try again tomorrow. But for today, I have learned some valuable lessons.