Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Productivity Tools for Mompreneurs

Ways to Improve Productivity for Busy Mompreneurs

I am always looking for ways to increase productivity.  As a mompreneur, I wear many hats.

I know YOU do too.  So What do we do in order to create content/products/services for our business and still have time to help kids study, cook, and have a little fun.

Well, the easy answer is to PLAN, make lists, etc etc. I know you do that already and so do I.  As I searched, I learned that technology is changing so quickly and many of the new knickknacks are geared toward increasing our productivity.

Sujan Patel's Article

Sujan Patel recently wrote an article in Entrepreneur entitled The 25 tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About.

HIS LIST includes:

  1. Buffer

  2. Asana

  3. Google Drive

  4. SoundGecko

  5. AngelList

  6. Fiverr

  7. Elance

  8. Wix

  9. ShareDesk or DeskTime

  10. Google Now

  11. TripIt Pro

  12. NerdWallet

  13. Audible

  14. Allconferences, lanyrd, ConferenceAlerts, and Confradar

  15. Meetup

  16. Pinterest

  17. LinkedIn Content Platform

  18. contently

  19. Talkwalker

  20. Haro

  21. Hellosign or EchoSign

  22. Join.Me

  23. Jing

  24. PressPass and JustReachOut

  25. BlogDash

Of  the tools listed, I have PERSONALLY USED Elance, Wix, Asana and Google Drive.


I really love Elance, it allows me to hire contractors at a highly reduce cost which allows me to leverage my time and resources. There are so many contractors on Elance that you can find someone to do anything you may need, from bookkeeping, web design, project management, and the list goes on. You do have to use caution and vet the candidates. In addition, you should have them sign a non compete and non disclosure agreement. Elance provides added security because payments are handled via their portal.  Also, they will take care of processing the contractor's w-9, if you are unwilling or unable to do so.


I did not have as much success with Wix as I did with Elance.  Wix is used to help non designers build their own website. I can't really review them because I gave up on the product far too soon.  A productivity tool, for me, has to be seamless and easy. If I have to think too much, I abandon it.


Asana, on the other hand, is a very nicely streamlined product and though I would have used it long term, I had already invested much time and energy in WeDoist.  Both of these tools are project management in nature.  Since I work from home most of the time, I needed something to keep myself and my employees aligned on major projects.  Both Asana and WeDoist are excellent in this area.  I prefer Wedoist, however.

Google Drive

As per Google Drive and most things Google oriented, I can't run my businesses without them. Google Drive allows me to place my documents in the cloud and access them remotely from my IPad and IPhone or any table.  As a consequence, I can work while I am waiting in line to pick the kids up. Also, my team and I can share documents and work on documents simultaneously.

Explore Productivity Tools

I plan to explore some of the other products on Mr.Patel's list.  We all need to do more with less. I'll let you know the outcome.  In the meantime, take a look at his article, share your thoughts, and remember, despite it all, Life is Good.

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