Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Entrepreneurship: An Option for Moms

This is my story.............

Professional Career

I was a highly driven and successful government employee, easily climbing in rank from Institutional Researcher I to Assistant Director of Institutional Research at my local university. With 4 children, all under the age of 11 yrs and the last 3 under the age of 4 years, I had a lot on my plate.  Nevertheless, I was determined to continue with my professional goals, finish my PhD, run my family business, raise my family and be an awesome wife, mother and homemaker.

Home Life

Then one day it all came tumbling down.  My four year old dropped an item that shattered to smitherines (if there is such a word.)  In that moment, the irksome noise her accident, snapped something in me.  When this happened, I had not too long ago told her to put it away and I went on with my task of bathing my 4 month old and my 2 year old.  With the noise still vibrating in my being, all I could think of is what could have happened; what if she had gotten hurt.  I lost it and  I yelled.  I was not accustomed to yelling at them when whey broke something.  She just looked at me with those big sad eyes. 

I finished bathing the other two children and then I went to give her a bath.  As I was bathing her, she said to me, "when I grow up, I am not going to work.  I am going to stay home and take care of my children."  Then, she went on to say "I see every mother's face in school except yours." My mouth literally dropped open.  All of this from a 4 year old!  

That day I had a rough day at work.  I got home about 6:00 pm and it seemed like my second shift began.  I was tired and if I were to tell the truth that is the only reason I yelled at my child, my precious little one that God gave me.  But I wondered, how did she know?  How did she put it all together?  I had no such discussions with a 4 year old.

It was at that moment that I decided my life was the embodiment of madness.  My kids are young only once and I needed to cherish every moment.  At the same time however, my family needed the extra income.  Our familiy's business was struggling and the job provided a cushion that I couldn't ignore.


The answer came in the form of entrepreneurship.  Though we had a business, it didn't thrive because I wasn't focused on it.  But I found that nothing thrived; the children needed me; the house was in chaos.  I literally felt overworked and my husband felt under-appreciated.

As a mompreneur things are better. The kids are a lot bigger and working for myself gave me the freedom to set my own schedule. Now my daughter saw my face at school too; I baked cookies and took them in when they had birthdays; I showed up to volunteer in the class; I attended PTA meetings on a more regular basis; I was available to take them to their after school activities.

A wonderful surprise for me is that I found that I truly loved homemaking and my husband and I found time to go on date nights. Yes, I was able to be a traditional wife and mother and still have a career that I love without any of the guilt.

If you are a struggling mom with a career outside the home and you are frustrated, just know that entrepreneurship may be the answer for you too.  

I am here as a resource to help you along the way.  I understand what it feels like. I have been there.  Entrepreneurship worked for my family, this is simply my story. It may or may not work for you, but just know that you are a wonderful mom no matter which direction you choose.  Let me know what you think and whether or not you have even considered the path of entrepreneurship.

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