Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day 2017: Are You Still Striving for Balance?



Today is Mother's Day! What a wonderful day to commemorate the love, life, and sacrifices of Moms the world over. Words are insufficient in expressing our love for them.

If you are a Mom, Happy Mother's Day. Even if you are not a Mom, Happy Morher's Day if you are someone's Mother figure and if you are constantly serving as a role model for nieces, nephews, God children and the like. Without you, where would any of us be?

For Mompreneurs, your life is one of balance; at least that is what we want to believe. Ultimately, I think that we are passionate about both Motherhood and entrepreneurship. As a result, we tend to be totally consumed in whatever we are doing at the time. I can recall working at my desk from 8:00 am all the way to 3:05 pm. Not long you say? But the issue was, I had to pick my middle schooler up by 3:10 pm. So, I was late, especially since her school is 15 minutes away. I was late not because I love my child less than any other Mother, but because I was totally engrossed in what I was doing for my business. Sad? Yes. But it has happened the other way around as well, where I may have forgotten a very important business deadline because I was engrossed in an event with my kids. 

I know. There isn't a comparison and believe me when I say that I compare not. I just know that balance does not exist for me as a Mompreneur. Instead of striving for balance, I aim to: 
  1. be fully present and in the now so that I don't miss the important details,
  2. invest in productivity and/or organizational hacks/programs/software/technology to assist me in navigating my very demanding life,
  3. delegate those things that I personally do not have to complete,
  4. let my family know how much they mean to me at all times without being afraid to say I love you at every opportunity 
  5. allow time to refresh, refocus, and recuperate from my very demanding life style.
Regardless of whether or or not you are a Mompreneur, you too, perhaps, are either in the pursuit of balance or have given up on such a goal and instead, have chosen to be fully engrossed in one task at a time. Either way, you are an awesome woman! Happy Mother's Day! Life is good:)

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