Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Mompreneur's Salute to Veterans: Veterans Day 2014

Today is Veteran's Day and as I reflect I would like to first give thanks to all of the Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made.

Though I have never been in the Armed Forces, I have many family members, friends, and classmates who served. My father in law was Vietnam vet. My childhood friend and escort, for our senior high school official introductory night, died as a marine in the first Gulf War, while saving one of his fellow comrades. My nephew is a Marine...etc. etc.

I understand the pain and suffering that Veterans and their families go through. They are our heroes and on this day I thank God for them.

Freedom to Dream and to Pursue those Dreams

What has their sacrifice meant for me and for all of us in general?  It means that we have the freedom to pursue our goals and dreams. One of the inalienable rights we enjoy as citizens of this great country is the right to pursue happiness.

Yes we have the right to seek that which gives us joy! No one can convince you that you must stay in this job or that your path to success has to be along a course of someone else's making.

You are free to choose!

My choice is to be a mompreneur.

Veterans Day 2014 for a Mompreneur

Veterans Day 2014 was, for me, a typical mompreneur type day. I got my kids ready for school: prepared breakfast and lunch (I prefer sending them with home lunches.) I was about to go for my walk but my walking buddies cancelled.  

Then I went to 2 face to face appointments, after which, I attended  a telephone conference collaboration for a new business venture. When that was done, I picked my kids up.

On the way home we chatted about what happened in school. I enjoy this time, after school and in the car, with them because there are no distractions. Our evening was typical also.

But guess what? It was just as I had planned. I wasn't exhausted.  I prepared a nice meal of couscous, halibut and asparagus. The entire family sat together and conversed.

[caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="442"]Dinner on Veteran's Day 2014 Dinner on Veteran's Day 2014[/caption]

We have the freedom to choose and  we have relative peace in a stable home.

This is only possible because of the sacrifices of our Veterans.

I remember when my nephew said he was joining the Marines.  I thought initially, I don't want him to go. But somebody has to. Someone has to be brave and strong and be willing to sacrifice for the good of us all.

Again, I thank all Veterans this day. And as I continue to reflect I am in awe of them. They are all heroes.

What did you do this Veterans Day 2014? Share with us below. Grow with us on this journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship by subscribing to this blog. We will learn together in so many areas of our lives.  And remember Life is Good. :)

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