Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parenting Help: Technology to Assist with Chores

Hey! I stumbled upon this article that introduced me to an amazing app that I found to be fantastic. As a mother and an entrepreneur we struggle to manage our time well.   At the same time, we want to teach our growing brood the importance of ethical work.  We set a good example and we expect them to follow suit. 

Obviously this doesn't necessarily happen. We come off of our computers to meet the house in total chaos. Bread, mayo and peanut butter jars are open on the counter tops with crumbs and bread knives closely looking on, as if expecting the next attack of little hands.  Clothes need to be washed and the stench in the laundry room is calling your name.  Papers and crayons are all over the place.  You'll be lucky if there isn't writing on the walls, literally.

How do we teach our kids that they are capable and confident little human beings who can pick up after themselves without being threatened...ok too strong....let's say pleaded with or coerced? They see what you are doing on a daily basis.  They, even at the tender age of 2 yrs, can be taught to help around the house.

The article I found is entitled "Things to Avoid When It Comes to Chores" and it can be found at  There don'ts are:
  • Don't Delay
  • Don't be Inconsistent
  • Don't Require Perfection
  • Don't Hold Back Praise
But What I am really excited about is their software/app.  They provide an online chore chart.....Hallelujah!  Yes baby...  Kids are so technologically inclined these days that they are going to be excited about the possibilities of fulfilling their obligations using this app. Also, it teaches them the importance of saving, sharing, and spending.  Finally, they are connected to Amazon so the kids can choose a reward and you will know when they have achieved their goal.  

Okay, I know, "what is the app already?!"  It is called My Job Chart. It can be found at .  I just love it and I know you will too.  

Tell me what you think about it, if you use it.

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