Monday, September 9, 2013

Extraordinary Mom & Entrepreneur: Bethenny Frankel
I don't know about you but I am excited for the premier of the Bethenny Show which airs today September 9, 2013 at 11 AM.  I am busy setting my DVR and trying to figure out exactly which station she will be on.  I have followed Bethenny from her days on the Real Housewives of New York City.   I celebrated with her when she got married and had her daughter.  I cried with her through her marital trials and tribulations.  I respect her as a mom and an entrepreneur.  After reading her book "A Place of Yes," I understood her quirky disposition.

She is a phenomenal mother and entrepreneur and there is so much we can learn from her:

  •   Say yes to your dreams even when others are saying no.  They are not the boss of you.  You ultimately control your destiny.
  •    Realize that you are not defined by anyone and at times you may have to run away to stay sane.  Yes, there are those around who can kill your dreams if you allow them to.  
  •   Dogged determination, hard work, and courage do pay off.  Remember when Bethenny sold baked goods and when she sold scarves?  Remember when she grabbed her child out of the hands of the minister? 
  •    Stay focused.  Whatever you decide you want to do, do it, even when others say no.  What would have happened if Bethenny had allowed the rejection experienced when she started Skinny Girl Marguerite to prevail?  She experienced a different outcome because she made the decision to stay focused on her brand.
  •   Have fun.  Through it all, Bethenny always knew how to have fun and so can you.  Hang out with your girlfriends, laugh at your own jokes, and dance whenever you feel like it.  These special times will help you to make it through the stress of entrepreneurship.

Like Bethenny, you too can be courageous, determined, focused and spontaneously happy.  You too can get whatever you want out of life.  You are a mother and an entrepreneur and that alone says you win.  Let's support Bethenny; so remember to watch her premier or set your DVR. Tell me what you think about the show or let me know which famous mompreneur encourages you.

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