Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 Remember Whens for Mompreneurs

My kids are accustomed to telling remember when stories.  You know the type.  They'll say, "remember when mommy bought us all matching outfits for Christmas?" Or remember when "we all made pizza at home for the first time?"  My favorite remember when stories always involve a family event where we are all together doing an outdoor activity.  This summer they all went hiking and I know the events of that day are going to be part of their remember when arsenal.  These stories bind us together and remind us of the importance of family time.

Kids are learning valuable lessons from these experiences.  As mothers and entrepreneurs we can have our own remember whens.
  1. Remember when you made the decision to go into business?  The pure pleasure and passion you felt at that time can sustain you throughout the of trials of business ownership.
  2. Remember when you made your first dollar on a project?  You realized that it is possible to make money from this confounded idea.
  3. Remember when you quit your job and realized that you have flex time to attend the kids field trips, etc.?  Now you can earn money and still be available when the kids need you  without the frustration of worrying what to do about work if you want to attend an in school activity with your child.
  4.  Remember when the kids helped you stuff business envelopes or you looked at their happy faces while you were on the computer?  You realized that although having it all is not an option that at least being present more in your kids life makes life more palatable.
  5. Remember when you took your first family vacation without having to submit a vacation authorization request to your employer and you could still manage your entrepreneurial affairs from afar? As a family you had fun and yes you were still making money. 
I am sure you can do a lot better than I did with your own Remember When stories.  We are mothers and entrepreneurs and we are having the best experiences ever because we get to ENJOY much time as possible with our families. They are the reason we do what we do.  Do YOU have a REMEMBER WHEN STORY to share?

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