Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Failure: It is a Good Thing

Hey, we all have failed. When test time comes, I am famous for telling my kids tests are a win-win. If you do well, you have gotten an opportunity to show off what you know and if you do poorly, you have an opportunity to discover what you did not know, so that you can improve. It's all good.

Failure and success are like Yin and Yang, two sides of the same coin with the whole being change. Without change, life as we know it comes to an end. When we embrace our failures and learn from them and at the same time continue to celebrate our successes, our life continues on its proper trajectory.

At times, if we don't learn from failures we keep repeating the same mistakes. A mistake in and of itself is not necessarily tragic. Life becomes tragic however when we keep making the same mistakes; when we make the same old nonsensical choices and then cry over the fact that things aren't the way we want them to be.

Embrace mistakes. It is ok to make them. It is not, however, ok to keep repeating them. Instead, learn from them and make better choices; we all should learn from mistakes whether in business or in our personal lives. If we do this, then no matter how dire things may seem at present, we have grown because of the mistake we have made.

Think of a tree that must be pruned in order to sprout new leaves and become an even bigger source of beauty, nourishment, shade or whatever the case may be. We are like that tree and at times our mistakes are part of the pruning process.

Embrace them. Learn from them. Do not repeat them. Life is Good.

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