Sunday, May 3, 2015

5 Ways to Display Self Love: Advice for Busy Mompreneurs

We are all so busy with life, work, family, business, charities and the list goes on, that we forget about ourselves. I am so guilty of this, which is why I now call the lack of self love the biggest travesty of modern life. When I look at my planner, everyone's needs are met except my own and I find myself saying, I am soooo tired. But why? I know now it is simply because I have forgotten that I need my cup to overflow so that I can have something to give to others. I have forgotten the importance of self love.

Self love is, after love for the creator, the best love. Here are 5 ways that Mompreneurs and anyone for that matter can display self love.
  1. Take time to smell the roses. I mean this in a figurative sense, unless of course you really do love roses, then buy some for yourself. Do you set aside time everyday where you can be alone, not to plan, prep for dinner, or anything of the sort? Time that is just about you. Whether you just use this time to meditate, pray or you sit and sip a cup of tea. Perhaps you take a long luxurious bath. Whatever you decide, get some alone time and guard it like you do any other appointment in your calendar.
  2. Take time to play and do things that make you happy. Studies show that laughter and playful activities increase longetivity. So find time to hang out with your friends. Watch a good movie or a comedy that makes you laugh. I personally love the "I Love Lucy Show." Lucy and Ethel are so hilarious that I find myself laughing out loud whenever I am watching them. You may not be a Lucy lover as I am, but you know what makes you laugh. Engage in that activity whenever you can.
  3. Take time to exercise and care for your physical body. We only have one temple in which to dwell and we should try our utmost to take good care of it. Advice abounds about nutrition and wellness and I know that you know what you need to do, so as Nike says, "Just Do It."
  4. Take time to rest. If you are a creationist as I am, then you know that even God rested. Whether it is a day's rest or restful sleep at the end of a long day, just rest. Have sufficient sleep at night. When the wicker of a candle is damaged, the candle can not burn. Similarly if we do not rest and rejuvenate, our wicker will also go out. Who wants that? We all want the energy to achieve our goals and to take care of our families. Thus, we must be mindful of the need to engage in sufficient rest both weekly and nightly.
  5. Take time to pray and meditate. Life is overwhelming at times. We all need to be grounded and rooted so that we are not easily washed away by the trials of life. Prayer and meditation does just that. I don't know what your beliefs are but I do know that these activities are centering. They center our spirits and connect us to something greater than ourselves. By so doing, we experience immense inner peace.
These are just 5 simple ways that help me to display self love. What other ways do you display self love? What do you do to make sure that your cup is over flowing? Share with us below so that we can continually be reminded that self love is one of the best kinds of love.

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