Saturday, January 31, 2015

I am Happiest When: Thoughts from a Mompreneur

Ok, I was on the phone with a payroll agent discussing an issue affecting my company. The agent said, "I can't believe it is the 26th of January already...January just flew by." Of course I agreed with her. But when I got off the phone, I reflected and asked myself, is the whole year going to fly by as well? What am I doing now to accomplish my goals for 2015?

With this question in mind, I also asked myself, what am I happiest doing? To better answer the question I changed it into a statement and tried to fill in the blank.

I am happiest when.......__________________.

What first came to mind are the things that make me unhappy, such as:

  • bookkeeping

  • yard work

  • any type of handyman related work

  • etc. etc.

Instead, I love crafting, reading, cooking, and ancestral research.

But as I thought some more, I realized I needed to figure out how my passions can help me make enough money to continue to make an awesome living and become financially free.

I discovered that when it comes to work.....I AM HAPPIEST WHEN I AM SHARING INFORMATION.

Plain and simple, I love to teach. I love to help others learn and grow and create better lives for themselves. No, I don't want to be a teacher in the traditional sense, but I can use this love to inspire others via coaching, mentoring, training.

This understanding helped me to focus my business more. I felt so free, literally. It felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Whatever I am doing in business, just find ways to share with others.

Largely this is why I like blogging because I love to share information.

Focusing on your passion rather than just focusing on profits makes room in your life for even more success, that is success on a higher level.

As mompreneurs, let us share, grow and learn together by filling in the blank in the comment area below:

I AM HAPPIEST WHEN......._____________.

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