Monday, October 7, 2013

Entrepreneurship: Born or Bred?

Some of us know from very young that we don't want to work for anyone. For others of us, it takes time. Nonetheless, whether you are born knowing or life circumstances propels you in this direction, the road of entrepreneurship takes a special type of individual.

  • Creative: Even if someone steals your idea; it doesn't matter; you have a million more where that one came from,
  • Spontaneous: You can change directions at the drop of a hat,
  • Risk-taker: Willingness to take risks without immediate rewards in sight,
Organization is important but it is not necessary.  You can always hire or outsource for that.  

Most important is the willingness to persevere.  This is what makes or breaks the entrepreneur.  Are you willing to try, and try and try again and again? Do you know that failure is just a simple stepping stone to success? Do you know that those who made it did so by sticking to to their guns no matter what?

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, then you can be or you already are an entrepreneur. You have what it takes.  You are what this great country is built on

So stand up and be counted.  We are a special breed.  Let us know if you are a born or a bred entrepreneur by commenting below.

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