Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Ways to Increase Productivity in Business or Home

We are all distracted.  Just recently my husband and I had a serious conversation about the fact that he was jumping from project to project and nothing was getting done. I too find myself distracted. Yesterday, I picked the kids up from school and rather than engage them in conversation, instead, I am still thinking of something I need to do for the business. My third daughter got frustrated and said "mommy please look me in the eyes, I haven't seen you all day."  And while cooking dinner, I am on a business conference call and at the same time trying to quiet the kids.  Such distractions may lead to a decrease in productivity, an increase in stress hormones, and a general feeling of malaise and unfulfillment.  Who wants that?  Not you, nor I.  So what do we do? 

  1. Stay in the present moment; when I pick the kids up, engage them in conversation and really listen to what they have to say.  They are happier and so am I.
  2. Stay focused by eliminating distractions; focus and concentration are what great things are made of.  When my husband focuses on one project at a time he accomplishes more.
  3. When you are not in the present moment, acknowledge the concern by writing it down, get it off your mind so you can pay attention to what you are doing now.
  4. Get enough rest and relaxation, not to mention the need for excellent nutrition.  
  5. Plan your day, week, month; generally know what your goals are and work toward them on a consistent basis.
I know; the above suggestions are not productivity tools.  There are many of those out there that will help.  But there is no better productivity tool than your own brain.  So first get control of who you are and what you desire and what it takes to get you there.  You are awesome and anything in this life that you want you can have.  Just go get it!

PS.  Two of my favorite productivity gurus are David Allen and Stephen Covey.  They both focus not necessarily on tools but on how you do what you do and why.  Let me know who you read to improve your productivity by placing a comment in the box below.

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