Sunday, December 10, 2017

5 Apps that I Use the Most

5 Apps

5 Apps
When you are a Mom and an entrepreneur, you are constantly on the go. Others are dependent on you to make important decisions or to complete mundane tasks. Thankfully, we all carry our little computers in our purses or on our person. Our mobile phones have so much potential to simplify our lives if we would download apps. Here are 5 apps that I use most often and that help me to streamline my tasks.


I've written on this blog about Xero. It's an accounting software that was built for the cloud. It also has an app wherein I can invoice customers, accept payments, reconcile accounts and so much more. When you are on the go, it is easy to map your customer's address via the app.


If you are on multiple social media platforms, Hootsuite helps to save time. You can post once and your post is simultaneously added to multiple networks of your choice. Also, you can schedule posts which allows you to plan for the entire week and or month. With the app, you can easily manage your social media from any place in the world.

Google Docs

We all know that Google's email is a wonderful addition to our smart phones since with it we can respond to emails on the go; but how many of us have actually downloaded the Google Docs app. With Docs you can create and share documents on the go. When you are on your desktop, if you upload important documents to Google Doc, then you will have access to these documents when you are on the go. On the go access allows you to be more efficient because you can amend, share, edit, etc documents wherever you are.


I really love Cozy. What I like  most about it is that my entire family is connected. It's a calendar app and it is also a birthday app, a journal and a list keeping app. When I add an event or create a list, I get to choose which family members need to be updated on this particular event. With the journal, I use it to keep tabs on important family memories. Also, you can customize the app so that it sends you alerts to your phone and or your email. It's user friendly and it even provides family friendly type happenings, such as the premier of particular family friendly movies.


Runkeeper is a health and fitness app for runners but you can use it no matter the physical activity you engage in. I use it for walking by simply turning it on whenever I am heading out for a walk. It tracks my miles and sends me alerts to nudge me to stay motivated. Also, if I enter a goal in terms of the number of miles I would like to walk within a particular span of time, Runkeeper will let me know how I am doing. It's almost like have a personal trainer in your pocket.

These apps are helpful both in my business and personal life. I tend to use them almost on a daily basis. They help to keep my organized and focused on my goals. What apps do you use? Share below so that we can learn and grow together. Life is Good:)

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