Monday, December 12, 2016

Salvation Army Red Kettle

The Salvation Army's red kettle is a staple of the holidays. You see them outside of the grocery stores, department stores and various other public spaces where people frequent. I know it is the holidays when I hear those bells. It puts me in the spirit of sharing and giving.

How many times do we pass them? For me it leaves me with a guilty feeling when I don't have not even a single dollar bill to place in the kettle. But that red kettle reminds me to give, not only to the Salvation Army, but also to the people who have served me so willingly throughout the year: my postal carrier, hairdresser, manicurist, garbage collector, etc. etc. That red kettle reminds me to go to the bank and collect the money that I will give to these individuals. It also reminds me to give my favorite charities an added bonus.

The spirit of giving should not only be for the holidays. We should embrace it each and every day. However the holidays reminds us of the importance of giving and the Salvation Army's red kettle is a physical symbol of the joy of giving and sharing.

To learn more on how the red kettle tradition started, read here and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas:) Life is Good!

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