Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Mompreneur's Friday Night Casual Dining

Friday is a special day for our family. We breathe a sigh of relief from the activities of the week: school, work, homework, music lessons, and other extra curricular activities. Also, on Fridays we look forward to simple, junk type foods. But as a Mom, I don't want to always serve pizza ordered in from the local pizzeria. I don't know exactly what the quality is of the ingredients that they use. So sometimes we will make our own junk food. And guess what? Just because these Friday night meals are simple and fast they are an added blessing for busy Mompreneurs.

Last evening we did just that. I made homemade nachos. They were
delicious. Since it was my first try at making nachos, I have some tweaking to do but we thoroughly enjoyed them. What follows are the pics and the simple steps I followed for preparing the nachos.

          Cut up some onions, peppers and garlic and set them aside.

Saute ground beef or turkey that you have seasoned with the onion, peppers, and garlic.
Add beans to the mixture. We used black beans but you may use any beans of your choosing.

Place some tortilla on a baking dish. Make sure to fully cover the bottom of the dish.

Add your choice of cheeses on top of the tortilla
Then add your sautéed meat, beans, and veggies.

Add more cheese to the top layer, then bake for about 10 minutes just until the cheese is melted.

I was inspired to do this recipe from Jen and Don Ross on Jennifer's YouTube.

It was quick easy and filling and you don't need a recipe per se to do it. Just fly by the seat of your pants and add whatever is to your liking. While eating it, I thought that corn would have been nice. My sister asked me where is the avocado. Do what you like. If you make it, share your pics so other busy Mompreneurs can add to their quick and easy Friday night meal repertoire:)

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