Friday, November 1, 2013

Are you using Evernote yet?

I am now in love with Evernote.  I have always struggled with receipts, both business and personal. Evernote has proven itself to be a Godsend.  And guess what it is free!  You can upgrade to a paid subscription but the free option works well.  This wonderful program has an app for the iPhone and iPad.  It captures audio, text, and picture data.  With Evernote, I can now do the following, anywhere anytime.
  1. Project Plan
  2. Goal Plan
  3. Receipt organization
  4. Share specific files electronically 
  5. Set timers.
Trust me, you will love it.  It will help you, not only for business but for personal use as well.  What are you doing to help with your organization and productivity?  Leave your comments below.

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